55th Anniversary Dryden Potteries

Dryden Pottery
of Kansas and Arkansas

G. L. Dybwad and Joy V. Bliss

Dryden Front Cover
ISBN: 0-9631612-5-3
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This book is the first history and catalog of this longstanding American family pottery enterprise.

History sections are based on numerous interviews with the Dryden family and former employees, and the catalog is a compilation of photographs taken of many Drydenware collections.

8 1/2 x 11 inches.
160 pages. Includes price guide, bibliography, and index.
1000 black and white images.
CD-ROM color image gallery of the 84 page pottery catalog.
Durable laminated paper cover.

Sections include:
    Introduction by A. James Dryden, Founder
    Forward by David E. Gifford, Arkansas Pottery Authority
    Biography of A. James Dryden
    Illustrated History of the Kansas Years: 1946 to 1956
    Illustrated History of the Arkansas Years: 1956 to Present
    Catalog of Pottery: Kansas and Arkansas
    Advertisements and Dryden Ephemera
    Pottery Labels
    Bottom Markings
    Price Guide

A. James Dryden returned to Kansas after WW II and from scratch built Dryden Pottery in Ellsworth. For ten years, this one man dynamo produced beautiful pottery from local clay glazed with volcanic ash, which he called "Melody in Glaze" - a never ending array of stunning, durable glazes and glaze patterns. He was the first to personalize pottery by drilling through the glaze into the clay body, and these collectible souvenirs found their way to places far distant from Ellsworth.

Dryden moved his operation to Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas, in 1956. Joined by his talented son, three grandsons, and many other artisans, he has been in continuous production to the present time. Over the years, his production has changed from moldware to one-of-a-kind wheel-thrown originals. Beautiful glazes remain a hallmark of the Pottery.

Dryden's story is one of perseverance, ingenuity, warmth, generosity, quality, and longevity.


"Dryden Pottery is an outstanding and highly recommended contribution for students of this distinctive art form."
- Midwest Book Review, October 2001

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