Pitching My Way COver

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Pitching My Way Through World War II

by Joy V. Bliss, Rosanne E. Bliss, and G. L. Dybwad

  • This is the story of Vernon Ellingson from Grand Forks, North Dakota, during basic training to General Patton's Third Army trek across Europe in World War II.
  • Ellingson spent 3 1/2 years in the Army in the 3rd Battalion headquarters company of the 359th Regiment of the 90th Division.
  • Ellingson was a star softball pitcher for his company during training and time in Europe, as he was before and after the war: sports was a great morale booster in the Army.
  • His extensive training included Camp Barkeley, Texas, and swamp training in Louisiana, and desert training in California.
  • He grew up in a Christian home and went to the Lutheran Bible School in Grand Forks.
  • He became a converted Christian on his way to England long before others converted in their foxholes during the European fighting.
  • His loving family saved all of his letters home plus memorabilia, photographs, and souvenirs which are transcribed and illustrated here. 705 graphic illustrations amplify the story.
  • This biography is completed by describing Ellingson's youth and return to civilian life after the war was over.
  • 392 pages. 6" x 9" format with durable laminated soft cover.
  • Includes a fitting foreword by his commanding officer in Europe. Also includes an extensive bibliography and index.

2010 by Bliss, Bliss, and Dybwad
ISBN: 0-9631612-6-1


  • "... His letters tell of the rigors of basic and advanced training, the build-up to Normandy in Great Britain, his efforts in five European campaigns, and the occupation of Germany after Victory in Europe Day. In addition to serving as a citizen soldier, he was also the pitcher for his company's softball team. A wealth of black-and-white photographs on almost every page illustrate this unforgettable ground-eye-view correspondence anthology, worthy of the highest recommendation." The Midwest Book Review, James A. Cox Editor-in-Chief, Oregon, WI
  • "Thank you for this wonderful book. Books are my weakness, mostly WWII books. Personal experiences are the best!" Helene Jedele, aged 88, a "Rosie-the-Riveter" in Detroit during the war.
  • "Thank you for sending me the book about Vernon Ellingson and all the research that went into it! I had to sit down and read it the day it arrived." Janice Tingum, Grand Forks, ND, who now lives in the Sears "Norwood" house that Ellingson lived in most of his life.

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