White City Front Cover

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White City Recollections

by G. L. Dybwad and Joy V. Bliss

  • A young man's World's Columbian Exposition adventure.
  • As did millions of others, he and his father traveled by train to Chicago and immersed themselves in the magic and romance of the watershed and record-breaking Exposition.
  • For two event-packed weeks in August 1893, Friend Pitts Williams attended the Exposition and left a detailed record of this experience in his typescript diary.
  • Insightfully chronicled and told with youthful enthusiasm.
  • At the time of his trip, Williams had just graduated from high school in Olean, New York. Subsequently he obtained a degree in civil engineering from Cornell University, and his major life's work was the final revamping and expansion of the New York Barge Canal. From his early careful writing of this diary, his life of education and success is expected.
  • 270 photographs from the authors' library amplify the exact sights and events that Williams describes.
  • The majestic major building of the World's Columbian Exposition were sprayed white and lit by thousands of electric lights - hence the popular name, "The White City."
  • 180 pages on 60# bright white paper. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2". Laminated soft cover.
  • All photographs are referenced by source. Includes a bibliography and an index.

2003 by Dybwad and Bliss
ISBN: 0-9631612-2-9

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Used for a history department course at the University of Connecticut.

"Your books are great!"
- Donald Robinson, Fairfield, NJ. Columbian Exposition Collector.

"It is the most amazing diary, covering so much of the Fair. Amazingly well written. Your addition of pictures for almost everything that Williams writes about makes the diary come alive. I need another copy."
- Dr. Stephen Sheppard, Riverside, NY. Past President, World's Fair Collector Society, Sarasota, FL.

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